Domaine Francois Cotat

There are some wines that transcend their appellations; François Cotat’s extraordinarily special wines are a perfect example of this. They exhibit such a deep concentration and longevity that he deserves more than just the accolade of the best winemaker in Sancerre.Cotat combines biodynamic practices with very traditional winemaking to produce wines which are so distinctive that certain vintages are forbidden from using the Sancerre appellation. Only tiny parcels of these extraordinary wines are made, making them highly sought after.“Theyare some of the finest Sauvignon Blancs I have ever put to my lips.” Robert Parker,Wine Buyer’s Guide, 5th edition

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2011 Chavignol Cul de Beaujeu Cotat; Domaine Francois Loire

2011 Chavignol Cul de Beaujeu Loire

DP £26.00

2015 Sancerre Caillottes Cotat; Domaine Francois Loire

2015 Sancerre Caillottes Loire


2014 Sancerre Caillottes Cotat; Domaine Francois Loire

2014 Sancerre Caillottes Loire


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